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Elementos De Mecanica De Fluidos. Version SI - John Vennard..pdf (Latest)




A: Solucione el problema con la pérdida de la cantidad extra del proyecto que utilizaba windows form para recibir los datos de un archivo excel. Acá la respuesta de respuesta : Gracias a aquellos que se animaron a responder el problema :O The role of controlled experimentation in the evaluation of health care: an analysis of the rationale for the Medicare-Medicaid program. The rationale for a third-party payment program in the health sector is analyzed using the concept of controlled experimentation. An attempt is made to relate the principles of experimental design to the problems involved in designing and evaluating the Medicare-Medicaid program. The basic tenets of controlled experimentation are used to identify the major objections to the program on the part of various groups, and to formulate measures that would be sufficient to eliminate them. The paper concludes with an analysis of the various alternative payment schemes for third-party health care proposed by the President's Commission on Graduate Education in Health Administration.Q: How to pass parameters to a singleton class without using constructor? Consider the following code snippet: public class A { public static void main(String[] args) { A obj = new A(); obj.setParameter("name", "kk"); System.out.println("parameter = " + obj.getParameter("name")); } private String getParameter(String param) { return "parameter value = " + param; public void setParameter(String param, String value) { this.parameter = value; } A has a singleton static object. A singleton object is instantiated using a constructor and then a method to set the parameter is invoked. My question is, is there a way to set the parameter value using a method invocation, without having to use a constructor. One way to do this would be to encapsulate the instance data inside of a simple Map.




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